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Janet Angulo

Period 4


"Go Ask Alice"

Author: Anonymous

copyright date: 1971

number of pages: 212

"Go Ask Alice" is about a girl who is unnamed in the story, she's 15 years old and writes about what she thinks and what's going on in her life in her diary. She doesnt fit in at school, she moves away and again doesnt fit in. She goes back for the summer and gets tricked into doing drugs by some old school "friends". She finds herself liking them and wanting more so she gets hooked on them. She meets a girl that gets her into selling drugs and doing pot. She ran away with her for a while and then went back home. She said would stop doing drugs so many times but alwyas went back to them. She later got sent to an asylum and then her dad helps her get out and go back to school.

She meets new people and decides not to keep a diary anymore. It's said that 3 weeks later after this decision she died of an overdose.

· "Go Ask Alice" was probably the title of the story because they used "Alice" implying that thats the girls name and she had no one to talk to and no one really asked her how she was doing.

· My first impression of the main character was bad because she started liking the feeling of drugs and when she would say she was gonna stop she never did. She would always somehow find her way back into doing drugs. Also because she ran away from something good to go somewhere she kept doing drugs and got into more trouble like getting raped and going to the asylum.

· What caused...