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In the past few decades, humanity has been facing many problems related to the environment such as pollution and cutting down trees. Every day, the nature suffers from the effects of human actions. There are many processes aimed at supporting the Mother Nature at home. Saving energy, recycling, and planting plants are the most important and helpful procedures.

Saving energy in our communities is a useful strategy to help the planet. Lights are a crucial aspect to consider in this task. Installing light emitting diodes (LEDs) in high demand locations such as kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms is a basic method for achieving energy-efficient indoor lighting. Also, it is essential to use occupancy sensors for automatically turning on and off the lights as need. Another significant technique consists in unplugging appliances when you're not using them. Otherwise, use a "smart" power bar that senses when devices are off and reduce phantom energy use.

The last step consists of making the transition from an old tube-television to the newer LCD HDTV's. They consume less kWh and some even come equipped with Energy Start Standards.

In addititon, when people recycle and reuse products they ensure the earth's longer life. Selecting a determined place at home to place recyclables is an excellent step in this process. Also, setting goals for each family member is really significant. For example, granparents should collect the plastic bottles of the week, and kids can pick up the used paper and the paperboard of every month. It is a wonderful plan to ask your neighbors if they have products that need to be located in a recycling place so that more of these products could be transported in the same vehicle trip each time. It is a perfect idea to talk to community, school children, preschool,