Goal setting at work

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Goal Setting 2AbstractUsing a business goal setting is common all over the World among successful people. There is competition everywhere and so are businessmen. From "being successful" goes to having specific targets to achieve.

This project includes an introduction to Nice Systems ,an Israeli technology company which is based in Israel and Rutherford, Ra'annana, New Jersey and specializes in call monitoring-systems and emotion sensitive software for security corporations and organizations all over the globe including the NYPD, Citibank and Vodafone .The product records calls, monitors the call quality, and determines the emotion levels. Trigger detectors can be set by levels of emotion. Phone calls can be automatically focused for more detailed study by the supervisors. The emotion levels are measured by the scale change and voice pitch rate and also by the number of interruptions. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2008)The company Nice boasts of having 24,000 customers spread over in 100 countries, and includes itself of over 75 of the Fortune 100 companies.

The Interactions solutions are taken by NICE which are used throughout the support center and enterprise sector, and in public safety and security organizations.

This project explains how NICE Systems have involved in various companies and helped those companies deliver better performances in its quality as well as its products. Two companies have been focused in this project where in it includes the objectives and theGoal Setting 3ways the solutions have made a difference to these challenges in order to meet their goals. Companies namely ICSC (Israel Customer Support Center) which has been providing HP quality call center support services from 1997 and Chinatrust (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2008) Commercial Bank which was founded in the year 1966 which was originally known as China Securities and Investment Corporation. The bank provides various services which include foreign...