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Ricardo Rodrigez 10-22-01 1st hour Goals Rough draft My goals for right know are to finish middle school and high school. I would like to receive good grades in high school to maybe receive a scholarship for college. I would like to attend college a long enough time to receive a master's degree or doctorate.

I'm going to make money by opening my own restaurant. My restaurant is going to be called Ricardo's. It will be an Italian restaurant. First thing I'm going to do is study to be a Chef, then I'll open a restaurant.

Half of the money I make will go to the bills and the bank. After I save enough money in the bank I'm going to invest my money in the stock market. The main thing I'm going to invest in is homes and property.

I will spend money on my restaurant like buying high tech stoves, refrigerators, and deep fryers and other restaurant supplies.

I will invest my money to make a chain of restaurants all around the world. Most of my money will be spent on a house and household needs.

I plan to help my community by buying fundraiser candy from children. I will put money in my community to help build clubs and parks where kids can play. I will also spend time with non-profit organizations.