What Goals to Achieve in College Book: A Different Mirror Author: Ronald Takaki

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I often wonder why I am in college. I know that college will prepare me for the career I choose to pursue and make me that best that I can be in that field. But there should be other things that I could be learning aside from calculating probabilities and writing clear and thorough essays. Then I stumble and Ronald Takaki's book, A Different Mirror, falls into my hands. I read through the first chapter, and when I look up to relax my eyes, I see many students passing in front of me. I realize that there are so many different races right in my own college. Some of them probably just stepped off the boat, and this is their first time in America; others probably lived here their whole lives, for their grandparents or parents migrated to the United States and continued to expand their family. I was becoming painfully aware that I did not know much about any other culture other than my own.

I turn my attention back to my book and continue to read. As I read each chapter, I came to the conclusion that Takaki's book may reflect on the lifelong lessons I was hoping to learn during my time in college. Takaki's book should be included in a college curriculum because the events discussed in his book reflect on what should be taught in college, like to aim higher and to understand racism and discrimination; I know I have learned that and it has changed my way of thinking; things aren't always as they seem, and I should be more open minded and refrain from pre-judgment.

One of the most important things that should be taught in college is to have an open mind. Without this, you wouldn't consider reading Takaki's book because...