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Goals and objectives provide us with focus for our lives. These goals and objectives are determined largely by our values and worldview, interests, aptitudes, and sense of social responsibility. As I know how important goals are for a person's life, I have set three goals for myself, which include making enough money, earning a Bachelor's degree, and becoming a very successful caring nurse. In order to give my family and myself a comfortable living, I need to make enough money for the rest of my life is my long-term personal goal.

Today money is very important in life especially when one has children to support and love. Money does not make me happy because it can give me a good life, but it makes me happy because it can give my parents and my kids a comfortable life. Making money is not easy; therefore I have to earn a Bachelor's degree as my intermediate goal to have better opportunities in the society.

In earning that degree, I will need to build team cohesion with other same degree seekers to help and motivate each other throughout the school years. My short-term goal is that I have to perform above average in all my courses in order to get that degree and to be competitive with the others when in comes to job searches. The specific route I choose in achieving my short-term goal is learning how to use all the resources that are available from the college such as the library research websites, professors' office hours, etc.

The Bachelor's degree I choose to graduate in is nursing. My long-term academic goal is to graduate with a BSN because I value the importance of caring for the others and seeing the happy faces of their family in knowing that their love...