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21.0: Long Term Goal Planning �

21.1 Goals Summary & Challenges �

2Goal 1 �

2Goal 2 �

3Goal 3 �

41.2 S.M.A.R.T Goals �

51.3 Goal Template �

112.0: Self Assessment �

112.1 Self Employability Skills Template �

122.2 Skills & Abilities required for my career industry �

143.0: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Audit �

143.1 Singapore ESS Framework Research �

153.2 Current Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Audit �

203.3 Gaps and Solutions to ESS Competencies �

223.4 Capabilities to develop �

233.5 Conclusion �

244.0: References �

244.1 Books �

254.2 Websites �


1.0: Long Term Goal Planning

1.1 Goals Summary & Challenges

Goal 1

As satisfied workers and good manager/employee communication are vital to the success of businesses (Careerbuilder 2007), I hope by incorporating human resource management into my finance background can increase my value as an asset to my company.

I will be more proficient in communicating, handling employee benefits and recruiting and interviewing new hires for my department. Most importantly, I will be able to improve morale and productivity by providing training opportunities to employee and increase their overall job satisfaction.

Challenges: Working and studying at the same time may be tedious and time consuming. Efficient time management is needed to maintain balance between school, work and personal life. Going for a 1 day 'Stress Management Skills' workshop can be helpful too. (National University of Singapore 2008)

Goal 2

Investing and saving for the future is important. Due to problems like globalization and inflation, the value of money we hold today may not be enough for the future (Monetary Authority of Singapore 2008), in order to retire at the age of 50, I will need to start saving as and when I can. From meals to transport to...