Goals are the stepping stone to sucess?

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When it comes to planning the future, many people drift aimlessly from day to day, year-to-year, with little focus or long-term direction. Where as other people--a small minority--meticulously set goals and ruthlessly conform to a never-ending regimen of daily planners, color-coded to-do lists, sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, and time-management seminars.

Most of us fall somewhere in-between. We certainly do look ahead and contemplate the future and want to be successful in life but in the way drift apart and again get lost regarding our goals and mission in life. However, in order to achieve success we need to develop goals.


What Are Goals?

Goals are statements that clearly and precisely identify an end point toward which an effort is to be directed. They can be seen as aims, intentions, or purposes. Goals should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Purpose of Goals

Goals: The Building Block of Success

Your ability to clearly define goals and objectives is the first, critical step to achieve those goals and objectives.

Without a clear vision, your ability to achieve goals can be drastically limited. The most successful people are able to rise above the chaos and keep their perspective because they have a good vision in life. If a person doesn't have clear goals and priorities he wont know where to spend the time. In today's fast paced world it

is so easy to get lost in details: the daily demands, the endless tasks that makes a person head spin. Therefore, every person should have a goal in life for the attainment of success. A goal must be a) motivating, b) challenging, c) believable, d) specific, e), realistic and f) and measurable. By having a goal plan we are moving ahead towards success that is reason...