Goals I wish To Attain By Returning to School.

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Why even bother with this foolishness? I've got plenty on my plate, I have achieved a measure of success, and I don't need to improve my professional status. What could I possible have been thinking? The truth is, I have a hunger for knowledge, my interests are expanding and I believe it is my responsibility to learn something new every day. Life is a gift and knowledge assures a full life.

Our text states that "learning in our time has become a stern necessity" and we have been provided with this absolute rule: "The individual who neglects self-development is doomed." (Gross, 1999, pg. 5). I believe this rule completely. I have spent many years of my life, both personally and professionally, teaching myself how to do things. Married at eighteen years of age, a father at nineteen, and poor as a church mouse made the term "do-it-yourself" our only option if things were going to improve.

From the renovation of historic houses to understanding software applications to raising our three kids, I have worked diligently to make each experience a learning experience. Not all, but most of these experiences have been positive ones, but I can honestly say that all have been enriching. But the most interesting fact I have learned is this - the more I know, the more I want to know. The pursuit of knowledge is the first and most meaningful thing I do and I want to be equipped with all the tools to successfully continue learning.

I have also realized that my interests are changing and expanding. My career has been, for the most part, a highly rewarding endeavor. And, financial stability, while still important, is no longer the most important goal. I have become heavily involved in my community, to the point that, immediately...