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"Go Ask Alice" is a heart-wrenching diary of a 15-year-old girl from a very well to do family. In this book, the subject which was kept anonymous, noted all the thoughts of her hopes, her dreams, her goals, and her fears. She was a bright girl, suffering from the heartache of a boy, to lose weight, and to be someone amongst her peers. These thoughts were pretty much only told to the diary. For if she had told anyone as to what she was thinking, she'd feel alone, as if no one would understand her. The only one that understood her was her diary. Sadly, the diary didn't talk back.

The book starts off when she finds the boy of her dreams Roger, has played a cruel joke on her. 'Alice' doesn't say much about it. Roger most definitely asked her out and then laughed in her face.

Other than dealing with the troubles of facing him at school and the rest of her peers, she's left with the nagging and ordering of her parents. When things couldn't get better for her; she was invited to one of the coolest parties at her high school. Not knowing that this party would change her life forever.

The party was tame and everyone was having fun. The game "Button, Button, Who's got the Button?" came into affect as Jill brought out a tray filled with Coke bottles. Only a selective few would find the "Button". 'Alice' stays quiet before she gives off the impression that she doesn't know what they mean. She takes her few sips and suddenly, she's in another world. This world is filled with excitement, curiosity, and laughter. A world 'Alice' will grow to love, but hate at the same time.

This feeling makes 'Alice' want more, and turns 'Alice' into something she wasn't. This feeling increases her arguments with her parents. This feeling makes her hang out with the wrong crowd. This amazing feeling she thinks she has, will change everything for this sweet girl. The way she thinks, the way she feels, the way she acts to her family and few close friends.

'Alice' starts to change in ways her best friend Beth doesn't like. 'Alice' gained new friends. She doesn't care much about losing Beth as a friend. She has her new friends now. She has her drugs and everything seems to be going her way. Soon enough 'Alice' meets up with a girl from a little boutique by her house. She gets a job there by talking to one of the girls her age. Without thought, 'Alice' is wrapped up in smoking marijuana, doing pills and having sex on drugs. Caught up in love, she's destined to help her boyfriend get through school by dealing drugs to the kids in her grade and even the middle school.

'Alice' and her new best friend Chris decide to run away from home and start a new life of sex and drugs in the big city of Los Angeles. Having only the money in there pockets and the clothes on their backs, they rent out a run down apartment in the city.

Chris gets a job with a very well to do lady as 'Alice' struggles to find a source of income. With in time, Chris and 'Alice' are invited to a party by Chris's manager. The party was a blast until someone got them to try heroin for the first time and sexual assaulted them as people watched. Running away from all the drugs and drama, brought them even closer when they entered this party.

Chris and 'Alice' open up their own store at this point. Turns out to be the cool hang out for the local kids. Not long after, 'Alice' wants out. She wants nothing to do with anything anymore. After struggling with being homesick, 'Alice' tells Chris she wants to go home. Chris has been thinking the same thing for as long as 'Alice' has.

They call home and arrange for the family to meet up with them. The family couldn't be happier to see them both.

Not long after they have returned home, 'Alice' runs away again. Getting herself caught up in sex and drugs, putting out for a hit, not having a care in the world. To think, she is only sixteen by now. Months go by, days are nothing now. Time is counted by how long she's had herself drugged up. When she's straight, so wants more.

'Alice' meets up with a priest and tells him everything. She lets him read her diary so maybe he can understand. She wants help. She wants to go home. She wants to be straight. The priest understands and gives her the choice of calling home, or living a life she's already half way lived. This phone call home would save her life.

'Alice' goes home and it just doesn't end for her. Her peers do nothing but tempt 'Alice' into drugs. They tell her she'll be back and that she never left. 'Alice' fights the temptation of that one last hit. She takes up babysitting to get her mind off of things.

The one-babysitting job she took was because Jane had cancelled and 'Alice' offered to take over. Who'd think that Jane would stumble into the house while 'Alice' was babysitting completely drunk. 'Alice' is left with no choice but to call Jane's parents and have her be picked up. Had 'Alice' known that calling Jane's parents would pay a toll on her, she may have kept her mouth shut.

Not to long after 'Alice' was babysitting again and everything was great. The baby was asleep, and the house was clean. 'Alice' goes into the kitchen to get a drink and notices a half empty bottle of soda pop. She grabs the soda, takes a sip and goes back into the living room where the feeling all over again comes back. Someone must have slipped something into the drink to get her back.

'Alice' wakes up in the hospital. Her hands gauzed up and her head hurts. She had a trip of all trips. She had maggots crawling all over her. She trapped herself in the closet, thinking she was in a coffin. Taking her nails and clawing away at the wood, tearing off her nails. 'Alice' spent 10 days in the hospital and still felt maggots crawling all over her.

'Alice' was sent home, to live her life as the teenager she was suppose to be. She decided not to keep another diary. She didn't want to remember the things she did, or the things she'd want to do again. With nothing to say, 'Alice' was found dead by her parents in the living room with a bottle of opened pills next to her.

In conclusion, no one knows if she had this intended to die of popping pills, or if Someone did this to her. This book was put out for people that had a problem with drugs or people that knew someone who have a problem. 'Alice' was not the only one to die that year of a drug overdose. She was only one of a thousand to die that year.