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Current Computer Knowledge

-hacking networks with DOS

-Ability to create INTERMEDIATE Batch files

-Currently Taking a Java Course

-Editing memory values in RAM


-RPG Maker 2000

-Currently Learning VB

-Currently Learning Flash MX

-CABLE/DSL Tweaking

-HTML Language


Oh My God! There was this guy

and he came over and he was like


Oh My God! I went over to my mom and

she'd be like


That's so funny, Cause i went home and

i said "Hey Dad,


Oh My God! And then there was this guy

and he goes, "Hey, i gotta knife" and i go,


Yo, i went up to a thug gangster

and he was like, "Yo, mothafucka


Yo, i saw an R2-D2 machine

and he was like



Yo, i saw this kid in a wheelchair

going over a hill really fast and he was like


Yo, i was watching a movie theater and

this guy, he was like, "oh, i got popcorn"

And i was like, "Oh My God..."


Hey dude, good to know that you got the real arcade version, cuz with out that, these steps im about to give you wont work.

ok, heres the breakdown, RealArcade actually gives you the full game, but just locks most of it up with the .exe that they have made. Now there are 2 ways to get past this

1. Find a serial on the net for the game, or

2. Simply crack it

Instructions for cracking RealArcade Games

1. Goto where the game executable is stored on your PC (eg. C:/My Games/Get Medievil)

2. Run the executable so that can start playing the demo

3. When in game, press Alt+Tab to minimize the game

4. Go back to the games directory

5. Make sure...