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Since man exists, we have always looked up to the sky and wondered in fear, does god exist? Did he create us, or are we just a species that has evolved to become the dominating one on this small planet. Well, I'm an atheist, I do not believe in a god that created us. I do not believe in a god that controls us, or, ever did. We have been discussing some traditional arguments for his existence. In this paper, I will go over the ontological and cosmological arguments, and will try to point out some counter arguments against them.

Let's begin analyzing the ontological argument which describes the actual existence of god, by the fact that his actual definition says he exist. This definition says that god is a perfect being by itself and lacks non-existence. Descartes come up with the concept of god being this perfect being, then he says that this perfect being lack no perfection.

I find this argument very difficult to believe. If god is a perfect being, then, by Descartes concept, he does not lack anything, thus I wonder what anything means in this concept? Anything implies everything in itself; therefore, it implies imperfection as well as evil. But here Descartes seam to go against his own definition of a perfect, good, all loving god. Descartes also says that "the concept of god proves his existence". This is completely wrong. How can this concept (theory) prove itself to be true, without someone proving it? If this is true, so are aliens, because they have a definition in the dictionary! The fact of god having a definition does in no way prove his existence. It's merely a description of what the general idea of "him" is. In our class book, "Philosophy, by Thomas D. Davis",