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"When you talk to God its called prayer. When God talks to you its called schizophrenia."

There are many quotes about God, but it was this one in particular that made me want to write my speech about one of life's biggest questions: Whether God exists or not. After much deep thought and contemplation, I have come to understand that this would not be a very good speech topic, simply because both sides of this impossible to win argument are of equal strength. For god isn't a thing we can see or touch. So instead of wasting my five minutes on explaining why God did not create humans; I have decided to waste them on explaining on Why Humans created God. I believe that we should look at God as a widely accepted idea, and understand why this concept of a "supreme being" has caused the human race more harm than Good.

Let me start my argument by saying that everyday I hear about people who claim they "found God". Well you can go home happy tonight and tell your family that you too have found God, for I am God. Why can I not be God? Is it not just a word? If I would have come here and declared that I am a table, not a single person would have believed me. Why, because each and every one of us has a clear definition of what a table is. God, however, unlike a table lacks a solid definitions and it is more than just a word to most of us. But why do we have all this fuss over a three letter word? Webster's dictionary defines god as "a being conceived as the perfect, omniscient creator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of worship in monotheistic...