god grew tiered of us

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Claire Droppelman

Dr. Acheson

Core 222A 003

27 January 2014

God Grew Tierd of Us Movie Review

John Bul Dau, Daniel Pach and Panther Bior are three young men from Southern Sudan who end up coming to the United states to find hope in a bright future. In the late 80's these young boys along with 27,000 other young boys traveled thousand of miles by foot to escape war that had started in their homeland. This search for safety went on for five years.

Over the years the numbers of the boys began to decrease due to bomb raids, starvation, dehydration, genocidal murder. Hearing about the lost boy refugee organizations set up camp right over the board of Kenya's Kakuma. Lost boys arrived at this refugee camp, but their numbers have depleted immensely. Only 3,600 boys left in those numbers where John, Daniel, and Panther.

The camp provided them with rations of food, clothes, and limited education. The boy began to grow bored and home sick. In 2001, a few individuals including John, Daniel, and Panther were presented with the opportunity by the United States to go live in America. Uprooting their lives ones again they decided to make a journey in hopes of a better future. Leaving their adopted family they are thrust into the shocking environment and culture of the United States of America.

These young men's trials and tribulations of becoming a custom to the culture, adapting to new and strange foods, balancing and coping with the idea of getting and keeping a job or jobs, wanting a higher education, and never forgetting the loved ones they left behind in Africa. They have dedicated their live to doing whatever they can to help their lost bothers in...