God, is he really exist?

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The bible itself says in The Revelations, that God is destined to win and all that could ever happen has already been determined to happen. According to this, the fight against God is useless because you're destined to burn in hell since God will without a doubt win the fight between good and evil (so act now, hurry and save your soul forever before it's too late). This of course sounds like the scarcity law you learn in your marketing class.

The second point is of common sense amongst those who study the bible, in that God is all knowing and ever-present. This would point to fact that God then knows what will happen at all times, and knows the future of all actions.

With the simple knowledge you now have of God it will be clear that his very existence contradicts his existence.

You see if God is all knowing and knows the outcome of every action then he is responsible for all evil, and in fact intentionally put pain and suffering amongst all life. This would be because he created the angel Lucifer with free will and was aware that Lucifer would in turn defy him and have to be tossed into hell. So God created Satan knowing exactly what would happen and still allowed it to happen on purpose. By Christian logic then, God is the true spawn of all evils.

With what has been said above, God and Satan can't exist. You see if God represents all that is good and is everywhere, he must also exist in hell. He can't exist in hell because he is the essence of all goods and so would be flawed if a part of him did exist in hell. God would also be...