What about God? Many religious people have trouble with deciding between creationism or evolution as the origin of life on earth.

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What about God?

In 1859, Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species hoping to explain where he thought humankind came from by stating that evolution occurred through natural selection. Before publishing this piece of literature, he knew what type of impact it would have on the religious society. But did he know that it would be in the back of nearly ever religious person's mind today?

Students a Wheaton College are amongst the largest religious group in the world known as Conservative Christians. The students accept the scientific beliefs of evolution yet they also preserve their religious belief in creationism. Most of these students compromise by believing that their god started or ignited the big bang and let everything happen from there. For other Christians it is a problem believing that. Some are wondering that if evolution was true, then Genesis I & II must be incorrect. Then they wonder that if Genesis I & II are incorrect, how can the bible be accurate with the rest of the information? What else is incorrect or inaccurate? Is there a god at all? These questions have been on the mind of Nathan Baird, a student at Wheaton College.

He believes that a god started the big bang and let the rest unfold.

People of today's society are having trouble or are being ignorant to the fact that the idea of a god creating the earth cannot be tested therefore not scientific. People also fail to realize that science does not doubt the existence of a god but that it merely explains things on earth using the best, evidence-supported theory. If creationism were testable, then it would be a science and therefore taught in schools as a science.

Overall, the teaching system, as far as science is concerned, is best the...