Who Is God To Me?

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"Who Is God To Me?" My outlook of God is one of many aspects.

There are three persons within the Holy Trinity, but somehow they are all one God. There is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

First with God "the Father", I look at Him basically as a father-figure person. He is the one who I go to when I seem to be having troubles in my life, someone to go to seek love and paternal advice from. I picture the Father generally as an old man, which I believe many people also would say.

God "the Son", I picture Him, as one of two things. First I would consider Him a brother to me.

Someone who I can relate to, who went through most of the same things I have gone through in my lifetime. I am sure Jesus as a human being was attracted to women, wanted to play games as a child with his friends, enjoyed just being in the company of his friends.

In a way it seems like Jesus' child life is a spitting image of my life up to where I am currently at in my life. I to am attracted to women, and I like hanging out with my friends, and doing activities with them.

Then there is the other aspect of Christ to which I look at Him as. I look at Christ as my savior. He saved me and everyone else in history from eternal damnation, giving them another chance at God's Kingdom. I seek Christ in this aspect as one who I can go to for assistance in when I am in a tight situation. He I trust will give me the answers I need.

The final person within the Holy Trinity is the Holy Spirit. This person I look at as a guide, and a spiritual advisor, and also as a person to go to for assistance when you feel like your life is just not going anywhere. As a guide, the Holy Spirit helps me make the right choices in my life, though at first they may not seem like the best things for me, in the end they work out. As a spiritual advisor, when I seem to be "running low" on spiritual fuel, I can go to the Spirit for a refill. I just ask the Spirit to help me to get back into mainstream with my spirituality, which at times gets sidetracked when I feel like doing other things like going out with friends, instead of attending mass, or just flat out showing general love or appreciation towards God.

Finally I go to the Spirit when it just seems like my life is not going the way I would like it to. If things seem down in the dumps for me, I go towards the Spirit and ask Him for help, help to get my life back on track. Get things back in order for me, so I can concentrate on the important things in life, instead of having to worry about mediocre problems that I always let consistently bother me.

I guess you could say you could go to any of the three persons in the Trinity with anyone of these examples I have given above, of why I go to each. But if you think about it, each in a way you could go to for different things. If there were a problem with friends, I would go to Christ, since I called Him a brother to me. A spiritual dilemma, I see the Spirit most fit for that, and just for a regular prayer or advice, the Father. Even though they are three persons, and I go to a different person for different reasons, I know I am still talking to the same God.