God's grandeur

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God's grandeur

God's grandeur is poem written by Gerard Manly Hopkins , it's a short poem , but philosophical it's very deep in thought . the poet belong to the victorian age , but his poems was published in 1918 , so he consider as a modern poet , this poem know as petrarchan sonnet , which consisted of 8 lines know as octave rhyming abbaabba , and 6 lines know as sestet rhyming cdcdcd , in the octave the poet present the magnificen power of God and bewails mankind's lack of awareness of God's power and the corruption of the world , the last sestet shifts into a more reassuring tone describing how God will always be there just like the morning sun , Hopkins wrote this poem with vivid vigours and extremely visual imagery , the them of this poem is man and the nature world .

In the first stanza the speaker talk about the imprissive power of God , God creats his world with all power , when you look at this work you will recognaize that is God's world , in the second line there is simile , when he compare between God energy and foil sheet The speaker is saying that the charged world is temporary.

One day the lights will go out, similar to the way the light appears and then goes out of "foil" when you shake it , there is another simile when he liken the greatness of God to ooze oil , The "shook foil" and "ooze of oil" is metaphorically used to express God's presence and his power. The electrical foil and rich oil describes both God's presence and his power by conveying an image that builds up and eventually overflow

The poet wonder and using rhetorical question ,