The God of Small Things

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Describe the main features of Roy´s writing and show how they are effective. "And the Air was full of Thoughts and Things to Say. But at times like these, only the Small Things are ever said. The Big Things lurk unsaid inside" (p.136) "The God of Small Things" Since the title of the novel is read, the invisible thread connecting the first page with the last one is presented. The whole book deals with the significance of things that appear insignificant. Little things add up. Everything counts. Roy´s extreme delicacy when writing, the way she shapes the language so as to mould meaning and rhythm of each word, enhances the importance given to details all along the story. Form and content are so intrinsically jointed that one never knows when is the theme moulding the language and when is the latter the font of the perceptions the thread arises in the mind of the reader.

The novel is rich with Indian family relationships, social custom and mores, politics, and the most universal of human emotions and behaviour. At one and the same time, it is a suspenseful and tragic mystery, a love story, and an exposition of the paradoxes that exist in an ancient land whose history was forever altered by its British colonisers. India is evoked in sensuous prose and dreamlike images in a novel that tells of a family tragedy seen against a background of societal and political change. If the symbolism is a trifle overdone, the lush local colour and incisive characterisations give the narrative power and drama. The narrative begins and ends as Rahel returns to her family home in India and to Estha, where there is some hope that their love for each other and memories recollected from a distance will heal their...