The God of Small Things - A diary of Baby Kochamma

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I was the only civilized person the day Sophie Mol came. Everybody else behaved so poorly, even though we were greeting an English mother and child.

We were surrounded by a sweeper class mob trying to get a better view of the airplane, as if they had never seen one. There were children running around, and people who actually camped at the airport over night without a shower. That woman with the child was especially disgusting. Who in the right mind would make her child pee into a bottle in front of everybody else? I could almost smell a paravan in her! The child, meanwhile waved his hand at everybody, thinking that he was so cute and that everybody loved him. He thought he was a celebrity. Adoor Basi was acting stupidly as well, dropping his things everywhere as he went through the airport. That man is an immature brat, trying to attract attention everywhere he goes.

My family was not much better either. First Ammu made Rahel dress up in a tasteless dress. Then she scolded her children every moment she could, showing how she could never control them. She and her children should not have been with us in the first place. They belong with her husband. Meanwhile, Rahel talked to cement trash bins and rolled up in a curtain that dirty commoners touch. She had no sense of cleanness because she herself is the product of a marriage between a drunkard from another community and a whore who later divorced. Esthappen, made fun of me when I showed my knowledge of Shakespeare, who transcends all time. Estha on the other hand looked like Elvis Presley who was out of date. He was very despondent, as usual. When Margaret talked to him, that stubborn boy refused to even...