Gods and Generals

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The book Gods and Generals is a book about the civil war. What makes this book different from other civil war books out there is that this book concerns itself more with following individual people. Most civil war books are purely informational. Gods and Generals focuses on the individual people that the war affected dramatically.

Plot Summary

In the beginning of the book, the author tells of two amazing things that happened in the middle of the 1940's. First, West Point, a military academy, graduated several classes of outstanding cadets. The second thing that happened was the Mexican war. This war is the first time the US has taken a fight outside of its borders. The author then introduces each character in turn.

Lee returns home to a broken down farm, an arthritic wife, and a pretty pitiful piece of land. Jackson is continuing to teach at VMI. Though "Stonewall" Jackson understands the lessons perfectly, he has trouble getting his students to understand.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was hunting with his brother, and is almost afraid of killing something. Winfield Scott Hancock was a quarter-master in California. Hancock hated his job. He wanted to see some military action.

They are all recruited into the Military. Robert E. Lee ends up as the General of the Confederate army. He leads them to a valiant fight against the North. "Stonewall" Jackson becomes a Major and leads the "Stonewall" Brigade. He is the emotional center of the army. Everyone looks up to him. Hancock becomes a Major and leads a Division in the fight against the South. Chamberlain becomes a corporal and helps lead his own division. His division takes part in many major attacks on the southern army.

Author Info

Jeff Shaara was born in 1952 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was...