Gods and Monster; By Glen Gemeniano

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Shiny metallic doors open as the foot lands on the sensors. Bright eerily white cleans walls lining the hallway to the patient's rooms resemble those of an insane asylum. Each room is decorated with the same welcoming material found in the cold hotel rooms with the complementary flower at the corner of the table and the television remote control found chained next to the bars of the bed. The smell of disinfectant lingers as if patients still frequented the place when they died. Former patient belongings always seem to linger and haunt the current patients, who in turn add to the already famous collection of wares from former doctors, engineers, politicians, and movie stars. The equalizing effect of the hospital brings most to their knees, because it symbolizes alpha and omega, life and death.

Poorly insulated walls contain shouts of death, screams of birth, and the sound of silence.

The loudest and most profound sound of silence permeates spreading like an infection making patients sicker. Silence, bottled up unexpressed grief, kills by making people will themselves to death. The sound of silence symbolizes tragedy of unfulfilled live. Hospitals usually spark changes in people. The realization of limited life span provides profound motivation.

It was as if the image of Cronus castrating his father flashed through your mind while you walking down the hall. Cronus, father of time, is overthrown by Zeus, fruit of his loin, and chained in Hades for all eternity. Humans the beneficiaries of such fates become resigned to the fact although time devours the ages; time itself within us is limited.

We humans, in our ever enduring pursuit attempt to be one with God thus by do so attempt to become him, which is the master of all things, Controller of all fates, all knowing,