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The ancient Greek and ancient Roman religion was the belief in gods. They had

similar beliefs, but also vast differences. They came from each other and gave their people

a form of morality. It was composed of many meaningful gods and goddesses that all

played a part in the everyday life of the average Roman and Greek person of that time.

They believed in something called polytheism. It is the belief of many gods; each

given a personality, function, relationship to each other through family, and to be the

subject of many myths and legends that were to be told for many of years to come. They

were to become the basis for a religion that would last for hundreds of years and would

yield thousands of followers to believe in the made stories of these enchanted people or

gods as they were called. ( Grolier)

The Roman mythology was to consist of twelve to thirteen main gods.


having a function in the life of the everyday Roman that would require some sort of

worshipping. The Roman gods were taken from the beliefs of the Greek gods. They are

directly descended from their neighboring religion. The Roman mythology consisted of

the high god Jupiter, his wife and sister Juno, son Vulcan, son Mercury, daughter Diana,

daughter Venus, son Mars, daughter Minerva, son Apollo, sister Vesta, brother Pluto,

brother Neptune, and Janus.(www, hunt)

Jupiter was the ruler of the gods. He is also known as Zeus to the Greeks. He

became ruler of the gods through him drawing that lot from his brothers after they

overthrew the Titans. He was the god of sky and rain. He was the keeper of the

thunderbolt which he hurled at anyone that displeased. That is how he is portrayed

through the Greeks,