gods have flaws

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Emily Kiesel

Mrs. Schumann

Grade 9 English, period 7

October 10, 2014

Gods Have Flaws

Rick Riordan once said, "Being a hero doesn't mean you're invincible. It just means stand up and do what's needed." The meaning behind this quote is that you don't have to be a hero to do what's right. For example Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon, who are all Greek gods and goddesses, have flaws just like humans.

Zeus is one Greek god that has flaws like humans living today do. He is the god of the sky and his symbols are the eagle and an oak tree. Zeus has several flaws, but his main flaw is his love affairs with many other goddesses. Zeus is unfaithful to his wife Hera. He cheated on her with many other goddesses. Another one of Zeus's flaws are that he was selfish. In homers lliad, Zeus favored the Trojans and he helped them.

Hera is another Greek goddess that has flaws like humans. Hera is the goddess of marriage. Hera gets jealous easily which is her flaw. Hera is like most teenage girls, they get jealous of each other. Hera is married to Zeus and her symbols are a cow, a peacock, an orange tree, and an apple tree. Hera used her powers to punish the women she was jealous of for being with Zeus; the women's children were also punished.

The final god that has flaws like most humans is Poseidon. He is the god of the sea and his symbols are the triton, the horse, a seahorse, a dolphin, and a chariot of horses. Poseidon has flaws just like the other gods, goddess, and the humans. His flaws are that he gets angry and greedy. Most humans get angry with each...