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Jennifer Patel

Godzilla Returns Once Again…

Most of us remember the old black and white Godzilla movies we watched as children. This film has been re-made multiple times and is one of the few movies to carry over from generation to generation. Originating from Japan, and becoming a Global phenomenon Godzilla will forever be the movie that has had such a huge cultural impact on the world.

Godzilla was shot on Arri Alexa Plus 4:3, Panavision Primo, C-Series, PVintage, ATZ, AWZ2 and Cooke Lenses throughout the history of its creation. The latest movie was distributed to the box office, on DVD, and is also available via video on demand. Twitter has an amazing fifty-six point six followers. Godzilla is such iconic staple that Brazil, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Japan, and New Zealand all have official Facebook sites in accordance to this film. The sixty year on screen history proves that many see Godzilla as a pop culture icon.

This movie has a large room for appeal. Due to the history, people from Japan as well as the older generation appreciate the action and new stories that unfold as they see Godzilla evolve though time. Godzilla draws the average male from child to adult and science fiction lovers from all around the world. This type of movie does not appeal to young girls and non-science fiction fanatics, due to the average girl's interest being more focused on pony's and butterflies. Non-science fiction lovers may have trouble following the movie due to the dislike of an animal character that emerges from the water and attacks the city.

The creation of Godzilla began in 1954 when the first movie was produced by Toho productions. This was the beginning of a long stream of films that originated in Japan and moved to American...