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How does the writer Anne Fine present the character of Kitty Killin and her relationship with Gerald Faulkner in the book 'Goggle Eyes'?

This essay will explain the relationship between the two main characters Kitty Killin and Gerald Faulkner. This story is set in Scotland at a school and a home. The book is about a girl named Kitty Killin explaining to her friend Helen about her life at home when it all turned upside down.

Kitty had a very good relationship with her sister Jude and mother Rosalind. Gerald Faulkner ruined that relationship, he is Rosalind's boyfriend. Gerald and Kitty have a very bad relationship such as when Kitty said to her mum this is not good it is causing a bad atmosphere around the home. Such as when Kitty and her mum were meant to be going to a meeting at school but instead she had a date with Gerald. Kitty said "will you be coming to the meeting with me, or will you be going out with him?" and the reply from her mum was "Oh, I think it might be a little late to tell him in backing out of our arrangement." The fact that Kitty's mum would rather go on a date with her boyfriend than go with her child to a meeting which had be planned for longer is very mean as the children might think that they are not cared about anymore. Gerald Faulkner is very strict at the house in the evening even though, he doesn't live there. Kitty hates goggle eyes so much, he is invading the family home EVERY evening, Kitty is so sick of seeing him, this shows when Kitty's mum said "bit you will still have time to meet him before you go off?" and the...