Going against my parents authority Why is it that I never do what my parents ask of me?

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Going against my parents authority

"Wash the dishes, clean the bathrooms, or clean up your room." I constantly hear my parents asking me to complete these tasks. Especially the one about cleaning my room. Why is it that I never do what my parents ask of me?

Cleaning up my room or doing a chore that my parents ask of me doesn't seem important to me as it does to them. The things that I'm doing at the time seem much more important, even if they are not. Let's say I'm watching the television an my mom comes in to tell me to clean my room. Watching TV. seems more important. Then I use the "I'll do it in a second" response to get my parents of my back but "in a second" never seems to come. Later on, mom comes to check up on me and sees that my room is still a mess.

She gets upset and starts yelling at me. Once I hear her raise her voice, there's something that triggers in my brain that commands me to argue with my mom. Before you know it, other topics come into our argument and things get uglier and in the end, two people end up extremely upset. I shake my head in frustration thinking out loud," Why didn't I just clean up my room?" I didn't win anything from the argument only making my mom's day more stressful than it already is.

At a very young age my parents were raised to work very hard. They were even taken out of school to help out the family. I believe my parents want me to learn these values, so that I can become a better person in life. It's hard for them to get me to do the...