Going Back in the Past: This is a process essay about my personal past.

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The fond memories that I had during my early years were memorable. I spent most of my

adolescent years in forming close bonds with my basketball friends. Yet, school life in

Hong Kong was monotonous and mundane. The hectic schedule and numerous nights spent

on studying took a toll on me, and I was exhausted. At that instant, I felt that I needed a

change. One of the biggest decisions that I made was deciding whether to study abroad.

Making that kind of decision was really hard, and there were a lot of things that I needed to

consider. I went through three major steps while I was making my decision, and they were

contemplating, getting advice, and researching information.

First, I had to think deeply to be sure that I wanted to leave my own country and go to a

new place to start my school life over. I would need to go through all the problems that I will

encounter in the future without my parents' help.

Friendship was the other factor that I

considered when I was making the decision, because I knew it will never be the same once I

left. I knew that I would be gone for a long time until I finished my education in the U.S. It

was stressful to think about the future and all the things that I had to give up. Once I made

my decision, I knew I could not change it back, and I had to stick with the things that I

decided upon. Although there were many things that I needed to give up at that point in my

life, I wanted to change because I believed that I would be better off in the future if I did


Second, I asked a lot of...