Going Beyond the Wires

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"Look Ms. Betsy, its snowing. Have you ver seen that much snow in all your life?"

I knew the nurse was just trying to make a casual conversation as she went about her daily

task of passing out the medication to all of the people who were admitted into the nursing home.

I enjoy whatever conversation I get no matter how unpretentious the conversation might be. As

you age you began to appreciate the things that others might take for granted. The nurse left the

room before I could have a chance to answer. She left me with my memories of the blizzard that

occurred in 1931.

"Betsy...Betsy come on back to the house now."

"Why do you have to leave so early? You just got here."

"Mama needs my help with my baby brother. He is having a lot of trouble breathing and

mamas real worried about him. Doc says he has come down with the croup.

If mama don't need

my help tomorrow I will see if I can come over and play."

I reluctantly made my way back home. When I arrived I noticed that there was a big box

setting in the middle of the livingroom . The foreign object captivated my attention so much that

I did not even notice who was there talking with my mother.

"Betsy come here and here and help me with the baby while I attend to our guest."

"Coming mama." I knew I should not ask questions while mama had guest in the house

but my curiosity took the best of me. "Mama, what is in that big box that is sitting in out


"Well, child" the stranger began to explain "It's an electric cookstove. You and your

mama are going to be needing that with this big...