Going out to spend time with people in the deaf community

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Early Sunday morning I woke up to go to the first location for my deaf community experience. I had made sure not to go out the night before, so I would be alert and on time. The place I had chosen to go to was the Christian Stronghold Baptist Church. The 8:30am service had an interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing. My drive started a little late, I didn't get on the road until almost 8:15. I had Map Quested the church, but hadn't looked over the directions in advance. The church ended up being not so far from the Philadelphia Zoo, an area I am not so familiar with. I ended up getting lost, just driving in and out of little side roads. A woman was parking her car on the side of a street; I pulled up beside her and asked if she knew where the church was.

She answered "I think I'll go to church today to, good idea". So I followed her and finally found my destination.

Working as a stylist, and going to school, my week is very full. Sunday is one of my days off from everything. This is why I had chosen to go to a church. I Map Quested a few of the churches that were on the handout, in Philadelphia, and the Stronghold Baptist church came up as the least miles away from my house.

I arrived at the church and was a little overwhelmed. I was attending a 40th anniversary sermon, with a guest speaker. There must have been over 300 people in the congregation that day. The service had already begun; people were singing and dancing in the pews, along with the choir. I looked up front to the left and saw the interpreter on...