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Going solo is an autobiography written by Roald Dahl and is the sequel to Dahl's first autobiography titled "boy"� This book is about Roald Dahl at a young age in his life during World War 2. It starts off with Roald travelling to east Africa for his job. When he arrives in Dar Es Salaam he meets his boy (otherwise known as medisho) after a while a close bond builds between Dahl and medisho.

An example of this is when medisho kills an innocent German with Dahl's sword. Dahl finds this out but doesn't turn him into the police. That just shows how much Dahl respected him.

Later on in the novel when the war had officially broken out Dahl left to be trained to become a fighter pilot for the RAF. When Dahl flew out for the first time to meet his squadron he has a terrible accident. He is successful on his second attempt to meet up with his squadron (squadron 88) and after a short time begins a friendship with a fellow pilot named David coke who is actually the earl of Leicester.

Dahl has many close calls while fighting in the air and eventually he was forced to retire due to a head injury that was inflicted from one of his crashes. After performing many successful tasks for the RAF, Dahl decided to call it quits.

I liked it when Dahl had to fly the package to the man on the island by himself, and had very little time to keep his cool. The way the story was wrote it made it easy to picture the scene, and I think that is the key to a successful book.

The main part of the book that I disliked was the stories that were written before Roald Dahl...