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The Gold Mine is a great book for kids it is written by Bob Wright. It is a mystery book.

One day Tom rode his bike to Ricky's house. Ricky was sitting by the front door. He was brushing patches' coat. Tom sat down by Ricky. Tom said what do you want to do today Ricky said want to go fishing Tom said then we could go swimming. They decided to go swimming at the creek, but Ricky's mom said that Mr. Bell needed help around the yard. At work they pulled weeds and talked to Mr. Bell about gold mining. After work they got paid and went and bought flashlights. Then they went up to the river and gold mine to swim and to look around. Their dog patches chased a rabbit in to a tunnel that was inside the cave.

Ricky and Tom ran back to the creek to get there flashlights and more stuff.

Then they started to go back to the tunnel but they saw a truck with boxes in it then it left. It came back a few minutes later with no boxes in it. The two boys went to see what was in the boxes, they followed the tire tracks from the truck. They heard the truck coming back so they hid in the bushes.

The truck went by and stopped at the top of the hill. Then they heard a lot of gun shots, and then the truck went back down the hill. The boys walked to the top of the hill and into another cave. In the cave were the boxes with guns in them. The boys looked around and they saw gold on the walls.

The boys heard the truck coming again, so they walk through the cave and found a mining car to hide behind. They heard the men come in the cave and they dropped something, it made Patches bark, so they knew the kids from the creek were there. One of the men said we'll wait here they have to come out some time. Tom and Ricky followed the bats out of the cave towards the moonlight. When they got out of the cave they saw Eddie, Dave, Ricky's dad, and Sergeant Collins. Sergeant Collins called for more police officers and then Ricky's dad took the kids home.

I hope that you liked the book and I hope that you liked it from my words. I hope you get to read the real version.