The Golden Civilization

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The Golden Civilization The Egyptians were looked up to in much of everything that they did. Their technology was far beyond its time which some of their inventions we still even use today. They were a very prosperous civilization with all of the riches and knowledge that they possessed. Which is just one more reason they were believed to be the golden civilization.

There have bee many great rulers but none more admired then the Egyptian Pharaohs. These Egyptian dictators ruled for over thirty centuries leading and commanding their people. (Egypt) They were never known for their understanding and kindness but much more for their cruelty and iron fist grip hold on their kingdom. Through this power came many riches from jewelry to elaborate pyramids. Most of a kings riches were not know of until his death. (Egypt) When the Pharaoh passed on they would then be mummified and placed in his tomb/pyramid.

(Egypt) The belief was that what ever you were buried with you could use in the after life. So each Pharaoh was buried will all of his riches and only then when all placed in one location could you really see how wealthy and liked by the people this ruler really was. (Egypt) In their tombs you could also find small shepti dolls which in a way represented the great ruler. (Egypt) It was believed that in the after life the small beings would come to life and guide you through your afterlife. (Egypt) It started off with only a handful but then grew to hundreds of these small dolls placed with these aggressive rulers. I was another way to see how much the people appreciated you.

There are many Pharaohs that people would know just by the name such as who dose not know the...