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The Two People I Would Like to Meet If I had the opportunity to meet any two people I wanted to dead or alive it would be Jack Nicholas and Tiger Woods. The reason I would choose these two people is because they are two of the worlds greatest golfers separated by two generations. Given the chance to talk or spend the day with any of these two golfers would be a privilege.

If I were given the chance to meet with Jack Nicholas I would be overwhelmed and would not really know what to say to him. Once I calmed myself down the first question I would ask is if he thought he would have set so many records and would be thought as one of the greatest men to ever play the game of golf when he first started to learn the game. Then I would ask him what differences he sees between himself and Tiger Woods. But the one and only question I would want to ask is if the "Golden Bear" himself would give me the pleasure of playing a round of golf with one of the most renowned people in the sport, and this is where all of the conversation would take place. After that there would really be no more questioning because he is older and wiser in the game of golf. All I would really want to do with one of my most respected idols is to spend the day on the golf course and have a casual conversation like two men would play golf. Doing this I would learn more from him than any question anyone could ask.

The second person I would like to meet, and in my opinion the person who has helped to bring golf to a more respected and watched sport, is Tiger Woods. The first question, the same as I asked Jack Nicholas, is if he thought he would have broken and set so many new records and would be considered as one of the greatest golfers to ever Cayce 2 play the game when he first picked up the sport. Because he came in to the PGA so fast and young and was one of the better players in golf the day he entered the tour, I would ask him if he feels any presser to keep playing as well as he has the past seven years. Breaking so many records and setting so many so fast is unheard of. I would also like to ask Tiger if he thought he helped shape golf the way it is today, because golf has become more popular and watched by the younger crowd. Then, I would also like to play a round of golf with Tiger because at the level he is at as a professional golfer an amateur like me would do nothing but learn from him. My final question to Tiger Woods would be if he thinks he will surpass Jack Nicholas and any other golfer out there and become the greatest golfer ever.

Jack Nicholas and Tiger Woods are definitely the two people I would like meet if I was given the opportunity. These two men one young and one old and both to be considered the best ever at the game of golf would be a learning experience and a chance of a lifetime. And this is the reason I would choose them as the two people I would like to meet given the opportunities.