Golf: The Changes of the Game Question: to analyize a common problem in today's History

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The object of my paper is to examine how players of different races, gender, age, and social statuses have impacted the game of golf in the United States at the PGA and LPGA level, making it what it is today. I chose this topic because so many players like Vijay Singh, Michelle Wie, Se Ri Pak, Annika Sorenstam, and Tiger Woods are making their way in history as phenomenal players in the game of golf. They are changing the game of golf by breaking records and setting new standards everyday. I think this topic is important to look at because golf is a game that has been around and played for many years. For years it was a game that was always viewed as a white man's sport, however over time the game has changed to include different minorities and genders.

First, lets take a look at how race has impacted the game of golf.

Golf was a game that was once known as one played by rich Caucasians. Most early golfers were comprised of British and American citizens, which were Caucasian. In the 1960s, the great well-known golfers, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus (both Caucasians) were often seen at the top of the scoreboard. In 1961, the PGA finally withdrew its "white's only" rule, allowing golfers of different minorities to play. Vijay Singh was one of these first well-recognized golfers to enter into the game of golf. Singh earned an exemption on the U.S. PGA Tour in the summer of 1993, and is now a member of both the PGA and European Tours. The PGA Tour and LPGA Tour in the United States are now filled with people who are African American, and Asian from all over the world. Tiger Woods is one of these minority golfers...