Golf-Course: Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction

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Golf-Course: Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction


Given the research questions inferred from the above (see below), how appropriate were those measurement questions?

In, My opinion Questions are not as appropriate as it should be. Since the first priority of every golf-club is to provide better Golf service. However MGCC service was not meeting the expectations of members for golf-club and also dining services. Questions were very general and can't make any profitable final decision for MGCC by survey's result. Since, most of the questions are very broad and not including or asking the major issue. Although dining is very important for MGCC but the most of surveyed question were related to dinning rather than golf service. Survey questions didn't consider older people as YCG did a study to explore the feasibility of adding additional facilities, including swimming pool and fitness facilities to attract younger adults and families with children.

Therefore, YGC should get feedback from MGCC members to improve its existing service and should get feedback for adding which kind of service (spa, swimming pool, tennis court, etc) member consider more necessary in order to serve members better and make MGCC as favorite golf club in Canada. Also, questions regarding to the condition and quality of Golf-course layout, must be defined in the survey, and more narrow questions regarding providing dining for casual adult and casual family dining, etc should be put in the survey.

Describe the sampling strategy. How appropriate were the various sampling design decisions?

Sampling strategy is very critical in any survey and research, here YGC has chosen a variety of different question formats: the rating scale, The Open-Ended Question, and The Dichotomous Question to identify a clear picture of their members, issues, customers and member's demands.

Over all sampling decision of...