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4/17/2014 Golf Written Assignment

Of the many talented athletes in the world, I'm sure that each of them has their own special skill of which they tend to apply to help them advance in the field of which they perform. When it comes to a golfer, it is essential that they practice the skills of momentum, balance, and managing stress. These are three of the eight essential playing skills that are taught to players in the field of golf, also including clear decision-making, emotional resilience and player etiquette. As an athlete, it is great to be aware of the things that play an important role in improving.

The first skill I mentioned is momentum. Your swing's momentum should cause your wrists to return back to their starting point after impact. If they don't, it means you held on too long and drained your swing of power and speed. Momentum is something that you can learn to control.

Every player has a pace that works best, but it's really more like a unique range of rhythms in which the player functions optimally. Momentum constantly changes depending on how your body and swing feel on a daily basis. Many golfers find their most efficient sequence of motion by exploring different momentums. I've found that players who are restricted in their hips or shoulders start to strike the ball better if they downshift their full momentum. You can learn more of this through experimentation.

Now balance, simply put, is the physical foundation of your golf swing. It would help to think of your swing as when you spin a quarter on a flat surface. The quarter spins just fine when all its' energy is totally centered, in complete balance. As it slows down, that balance is lost, and it starts to wobble.