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GOLF PROFESSIONAL Kyle Long Principles of Management 3-19-01 When people think of a golf professional they think of Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, but in actuality there is two kinds of golf professionals. Tiger Woods is a playing golf professional. The other type of golf professional works at a country club or resort. I want to be the head golf professional at a country club. The myth of golf professionals is that if you are a professional at a club you can't play as good as the Tiger Woods, but that is wrong to a certain degree. Granted if you could play like Tiger you wouldn't be at a country club. The only difference between the two is a playing pro doesn't have any limitations of playing week in and week out. A club pro has a stable income and a stable job, unlike the playing pro who has to make cuts and get sponsors to make any kind of money.

That is what is good about being a club pro, you can run your club and when you think you can play in a professional event just take the time off and go play. A golf professional has the best of both worlds. In July 1994 The Professional Golfers' Association of America launched the PGA Golf Professional Training Program (GPTP) as a new path to PGA membership. This innovative apprentice-training program is designed to prepare qualified men and women for the challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities they will face as PGA Golf Professionals in today's industry and in the decades to come. For individuals such as myself aspiring to become PGA Professionals the GPTP will be the start of a life-long process of learning new skills, polishing old ones, and becoming even better at dealing with the people, the...