Good And Evil Of All Quie On The Western Front

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The good and the evil that took place in the story of "All Quiet on the Western Front" was kind of different. To start, there were a group of boys that the story was focused on. These young boys were thrown into war straight out of High School. One of the main characters was Paul. There was one scene that stuck out pretty good. The scene between Paul and a Frenchman were the Frenchman fell into the hole where Paul was hiding. Paul's first reaction was to kill and stop him from killing him first. Paul stabbed the Frenchman a bunch of times and left him for dead. As night went buy Paul thought that he would be dead by morning. As to his surprise the Frenchman was still alive. Paul got a since of guilt when he looked at what he did. He felt that this man was an ordinary man for a moment.

He tried to help the Frenchman that he stabbed. The Frenchman panicked and then died. Paul then looked in the Frenchman's coat only to see the picture of his awaiting family. Paul then felt a huge since of guilt for killing this man. He then leaped out of the hole and back to his command post.

There was another scene with his mother that was touching. He knew that war was making him a bit evil inside. The liking for the kill. He knew he wasn't a little boy anymore when he went to see his mother. He quickly returned back to the war as soon as he could. The end was an eye opener when he was in the middle of war with the French and he looked over and noticed a peaceful, pretty little bird in a tree. He pulled some paper out and began drawing the bird like he used to in high school. He stood up for a brief moment and he was shot in the head. That was the end of the story. The good and evil in this story was simply the War. War tears man apart and brings such hatred. War can also show you how much you love your freedom and all your loved ones as well. War also shows you those who are trying to control others. All in all, war is not a good! It is and evil. Sometimes it is necessary for war. We don't have to like it, but we have to have it.