How are good and evil represented in "The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde"?

Essay by pansygirlB, June 2007

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"The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" explores the idea that there is evil in all of us. Therefore there are many things which represent both good and evil in the story in this essay I am going to explain how Robert Louis Stevenson achieves this.

Robert Louis Stevenson set this short novella in London in Victorian times. London in Victorian times was full of dramatic inventions, the slow destruction of the rigid class system and the terrible conditions which poor people had to live in. London was covered with a thick layer of smog from what is the industrial revolution, which creates a mysterious aura in which to set such a dark story. London was at extremes, peasants were extremely poor but the rich were extremely well off. The sights and surroundings changed dramatically in different areas it could it would change from elegant, beautiful and expensive buildings to places where dingy dirty houses fill up streets.

A large amount of the novella takes place in London at night, which gives the story a backcloth to set the detailed scenes against. To contrast with the strong themes of good and evil.

In the first chapter we are given the description of Mr Uttersons character which shows us that he is the neutral character in the novella but generally a good character.

'a man of rugged countenance, that was never lighted by a smile;'I think Stevenson created Mr Utterson as such a 'cold' but 'reliable' character to help us see the two extremes of the good in Dr Jekyll and the evil in Mr Hyde. Mr Utterson's jobs shows us a lot about his character he is a lawyer which means he would fight for truth and justice what is what he tries to do...