The Good Aspects of Getting Divorced

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For society today, women and men all over the world have chose to live together, under the holy matrimony. They are united as a one family and committed to live and love each other forever. However, some marital relationships won’t last till the end. According to the statistics, sixty percent of couples fail to maintain their relationships that they choose to divorce for solving their marital problems. Indeed, if there is no happiness and love in the marriage, why do people bother keeping this relationship going? Although people usually hold negative attitudes towards divorce, there are also good sides for people who choose divorce over marriage. Some people result in getting a better life and relationships after they divorce. Therefore, based on different circumstances, not all divorces are bad if they are the best ways leading to true happiness.

The article, “Divorce and Our National Values” by Peter D. Kramer uses an example from the advice column of Ann Landers to show what it takes to be in a marital relationship.

“An Iowa wife” wrote to ask what she should do about her husband’s habit, after thirty years of marriage, of reading magazines at table when the couple dined out. Ann Landers advised the wife to engage her husband by studying subjects of interest to him.” (Kramer, 279) This advice was protested by many readers. They believed that the wife should follow her own interests and shouldn’t force herself to change any way for pleasing her husband. The author then uses another quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson to show the importance of being able to be oneself in any relationship, “Say to them, O father, O mother, O wife, O brother, O friend, I have lived with you after appearances hitherto. Hence forward, I am the truth’s…I must be myself.