good communication with children

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Good communication with children

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Good communication with children


Keeping good communications lead you success in every aspects of life of yours. But the problem is this that if we will keep good communications in every aspects of life then it will be always beneficial for us. Parents should make their child know that how their parents are dealing with other people. In this way you will learn how to deal and communicate with the other people.


Many times this has been observed that when your child wants to ask any sort of question just motivate then to ask because sometimes children do not feel free to ask then in this situation this happens that the question which was actually was the confusion if your child now has become confusion with more intensity. So we must encourage or motivate our children when they feel to ask any question.

Most of the time, we are unable to give time to our family, and at the same time children have many questions to ask but they could not ask to you. In short we can say that when children want to communicate with you and you are too indulge in your office work that you are unable to give time, so in this way the children get frustrate and then in the end they stop sharing their thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas with you. In fact actually you are indirectly ignoring to your own child.

It must be in your routine that you have to give time to your family. You have to communicate with them. This has been observed that in many homes when some personal and important matter is discussed then the parents move their children from that...