"The Good Earth" essay. A Chinese book of a farmer's hard life working on the land.

Essay by Justin Brown March 1997

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Chapters 1-13 Essay

The Good Earth is a Chinese book of a farmer's hard life working on the land. It

tells of the farmer's good times and bad times, and all through this there is always

the good earth that produces his crops that he may eat or sell to make money.

Chapter 1: Wang Lung is on his marriage day. He wakes up apon a bright and

glorios morning. Wang does his normal chores in the morning and also takes a

bath and gets a hair cut. He is glad that he will soon have a woman to do these

chores. He also has anxiety about meeting the woman for the first time and going

to the Great house. When he meets her, she is very quiet and she does not talk

unless it is neccessary.

Chapter 2: Something I found very different in the Chinese culture is that the

spouse you marry is not yet wholly yours until you have had sex.

Wang Lung still

tries to impress O-lan and wonders if she even likes him. O-lan comes out to be a

very hard worker and is much help in the house. She fits in very well.

Chapter 3: O-lan has the first baby and it is a boy. O-lan also tells Wang that she

will return to the House of Hwang to show the mistress her baby. Wang Lung goes

loco and plans to do a lot of thing to celebrate the birth. He plans to die a basketful

of eggs red and give them out so that everyone will know he has a son.

Chapter 4: O-lan recovers easily from the birth and sets back out in the fields

working with Wang. It tells of Wang's lazy uncle and his problems. It is becomeing

Fall and...