The Good Fuhrer

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The Good Fuhrer

In today's society,when people need an example of a villain,a lot of the time they use Hitler.Adolf Hitler was the ruler of Germany from 1934-1945.Hitler was one of Germany's most successful leaders,and is most known for his attempt at a Genocide of the Jewish people.This genocide is often called The Holocaust.During the Holocaust,Hitler killed more than 11 million people,including 6 million Jews.Fortunately,this is not all Hitler did.He also did many other great things for Germany,as well as the rest of the world,that are ignored by people today.

Hitler was a very charismatic man. He knew this,and used this trait to do many things to first help Germany. Torn apart from the aftermath of World War I,Hitler reunited Germany under his strong Political rule. At the time he took over,Germany was deeply in debt. Hitler took action to fix these problems immediately,such as building the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

Hitler also ordered the construction of a cheap,affordable car for the people,known today as the Volkswagen. Hitler was also instrumental in creating many aspects of the infrastructure of Germany. Many of these things are still in use today,such as the Autobahn. (Hitler)

Another little known fact about Hitler is that he was a big Humanitarian. Hitler wasalso a strict vegetarian,and would often try to dissuade others from eating meat as well,even going so far as to make jokes about making his blood into a pudding. Hitler also spared many lives because of his Humanitarianism. He once allowed 1 million Allied troops to safely leave Dunkirk under humanitarianconditions. Under his regime,Hitler's scientists also created the technology behind the nuclear bomb. He refused to use this on anyone,however,because he believed it waswrong. In fact,many of the scientists who helped invent the nuclear bomb in America...