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If I could emulate one of the characters from the movie it would have to be Will. I picked this character for the obvious reason because he is smart. Will has a very bright future ahead of him and he could make millions of dollars due to him being smart. Despite his poor life style he has loyal and loving friends. He came from a poor family and grew up in a bad neighborhood so he couldn't go to University but he studied everything by reading books. That is important to life and he has that. Will has a very rare gift and anyone would like to have it. Will does have some bad qualities to him that I don't want have or want to have. He had an unfortunate past getting abused brutally by his foster dad. This caused Will to have mental problems such as his anger. Will gets violent in one part of the movie where he beat up his childhood bully.

This isn't a good quality to have since you can be arrested for assault. He is also very cocky and arrogant because of this he can't get along with that many people. He would often swear and yell at people. At first Will wouldn't get along with the psychiatrist Shawn because of his cocky attitude. So Will may be smart but he is not perfect and needs to change to get a good future.