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"Good Will Hunting" is a film, in my opinion, that will last throughout the ages. Its great storyline combined with the flawless performances of Matt Damon and Robin Williams makes it a classic in the history of American films. Most films use a balance of cinematography, storyline, and acting to bring the end result. In this film the balance is inoperative. This meaning the cinematography, which is exceptional, isn’t the leading factor of the film. It ranks second to the outstanding storyline and performance of the actors.

The story in retrospect is about the transition of a young, confused boy by the name of Will, played by Matt Damon. Will has a blessed gift bestowed within him, but his attitude restricts him from seeing how blessed he is and how he could use this gift. The transition begins when his intelligence is noticed by a local college professor, which whom helps him out of a tight bind.

The real progress really happens through the interaction of Will and the psychiatrist Sean, played by Robin Williams. At first Will is hard headed and cocky and tries to push away anyone that tries to understand him by countering their attempts of analyzing him. Over time these two come to terms and Will starts to confide in Sean. It is through their meetings that Will is able to come to terms with his gifts and use them. These sessions also help Will’s intimacy issues. Where as at first he had trouble letting anyone near, fearing they will hurt him. He begins to open up learning that the good outweighs the bad in the long run.

The cinematography also has some significant parts to it. One thing that stuck out to me most was the lighting of the film. Everywhere the...