A Good Learner

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A Good Learner

On your first day of kindergarten, did you know how to count to the number five? If you did, then in class you gained the knowledge of how to keep counting to a higher number. If you did not know how to count to five correctly, then your teacher taught you how. You learned how to count with the help of your teacher guiding you in the right direction. In The allegory of the Cave, Plato describes education as a turning process where the ability to gain knowledge is inside of us, but sometimes we do not focus our abilities in the right direction. To be educated, we need to focus ourselves in the right direction. Our society's approach to education aligns with Plato's ideas because the assumption in our society is that the ability to gain knowledge is already present.

We are supplied with all of the tools that we need to become educated. Whether or not these tools are utilized in conjunction with the already present ability to gain knowledge is solely up to the individual. You can either choose to sit on your potential to be educated and become a lazy thinker or you can use that potential to become educated. An educated person is someone who effectively uses their ability to learn and is always gaining more knowledge. Effectively using your ability to learn means you are a good learner. To be a good learner it is necessary to have a desire to learn, an open mind, and a willingness to share opinions.

The desire to learn can come from many different places. Teachers and professors promote learning, as well as parents and other important figures in an individual's life. More importantly is...