The Good life.

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From the beginning of mankind, every human being has had a unique intuition of what the "good life" meant to them. However, we live in a sensible world and are subject to physical laws, therefore despite our freedom people will fail to choose and think freely and inevitably fail to follow their intuition. A prime example would be Socrates who had said, "The unexamined life is one not worth living." In other words a "good life" to Socrates meant a life lived by undergoing questioning and examining. Furthermore, my interpretation of a "good life" is one in which an individual is able to possess a healthy lifestyle and also an adequate financial status in order to provide themselves and their loved ones with support and security.

In today's world we are run by the economy which is purely funded by currency and as a result if you have lots of money you will live well and have the best of everything, where as if you have very little life it self can become very difficult on the most of us.

To most people, being able to provide for their families and ensuring that they live a healthy life will bring them happiness. Also, donating to charities these days has become much more common then in the past and in a way I can understand that helping someone in need can bring happiness to your life.

Living a healthy life in my opinion is one of the most important factors associated with maintaining a "good life." It's a proven fact that being in great shape and health will boost your confidence and make you a much happier person. But I also believe most people would never picture lying in a hospital bed as what they believe being a "good life" and...