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Industry Overview

The Melamine crockery industry is knowledge driven industry and it is heavily dependent on taste of the customer. The major players in this industry are ORNET and DIPLOMAT which are nationally recognized by the people. The crockery industry is divided in all the states it doesn't have any big players which covers whole of the country. Here each and every state has it own manufacturer and tries to cover it customers in that particular state, for example in maharasthra there is Superware who is into in the manufacturing of melamine crockery, and Good luck plastic industries in Andhra Pradesh. So every state has it own manufacturer, and there are also several other small players who are into the manufacturing of crockery and try to dominate the market by giving the product at much cheaper price with a low quality profile. So the industry has a lot of players and intense competition and low prizes which characterize the Indian market.


Good luck plastic industries get incorporated in 1979 by Mr. Trilok chand sobti. Before this he was into manufacturing of collars under the name Jagdamba industries. And then in 1979 he established Good luck plastic industries which are into the manufacturing of crockery, U.F molding powder and heat proof buttons. The company has seen major miles stones in his 25 years of service. The main aim of the company was to become one of the largest producers in India. The company always believed in maintaining good relationship with his customers and provides them with a quality product. The main strength of the company was his quality on which they never compromised.

During these 25 years of services company has seen major turns in his business. In 1979 it started with manufacturing of heat proof...