A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Sarah Setley

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February 6, 2011

"A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O' Connor

While the concept of grace seems like the last theme in this story of murder and selfishness, it is actually represented quite frequently and as a big part of the story line. "A Good Man is hard to Find" focuses mainly on the personalities and traits of the two main characters, grandma and The Misfit. These two seem like complete opposites, which creates for a very intriguing comparison when it comes to their intelligence and capacity for grace in this short story. The Misfit displays a clear superiority in intelligence through his behavior and actions. The Misfit also has an obvious capacity for grace that exceeds the grandmother by analyzing his thoughts and conversations with the grandmother.

The readers can infer that some of the grandmother's traits are being close-minded and selfish.

She lies to her grandchildren, complains about how the present times cannot even compare to the superiority of the past, and manipulates her son. The grandmother displays no self-awareness and is not open to reality and the current world around her. During the conversation moments before the grandmother was shot, her words prove these previous points. She portrays obvious ignorance when she attempts to convince the Misfit that he would never do this and that killing a lady is wrong. It is like she knows him and knows how he thinks and clearly she does not. The grandmother believes he will do what she says just because of her values and what she thinks is right in this situation; Ignorance at its finest. While these points show the weakness of the grandmother, they also prove the superiority of the Misfits intelligence in comparison. All along...